Entrepreneurs Embrace Podcasting and More

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Entrepreneurs Embrace Podcasting

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According to recent research by Spotify, 56% of Gen Z’s and millennials consider there to be too much visual stimulation in their lives, and as a result seek solace in audio. One would imagine this is not only related to app-saturation but also to our greater insights in to the effects of too much screen time. It’s a handy piece of data for us as we encourage our podcast clients to tease with visuals, and for all manner of reasons, always lead the audience traffic back to the audio.

A good example of augmenting the podcast experience in this way is from Entrepreneur First, who’ve just published the first episode of Three and a Half Founders, telling the story of how the programme works through profiling a year in the lives of those who take part. Click play below to listen and to check out the lovely studios too.

League Against Cruel Sports with Bill Oddie

Voice of ‘League Against Cruel Sports’. Photograph: Bill Oddie

Voice of ‘League Against Cruel Sports’. Photograph: Bill Oddie

Alongside the podcast division it’s been all hands-on deck for ads this month, working with any number of household brands and utilising the wonderful talents of Maple Street Voices. They’ve lent their tones to Amazon, Primark, NSPCC, Mamma Mia The Party, and a bursary of universities (if that’s the right collective noun). However, when it came to record an ad for the League Against Cruel Sports, how could we resist the temptation to welcome a broadcasting great to the studio?

By the way, if you’re only reference point for this man is Springwatch then I’d urge you to look up Kitten Kong. Given social media’s propensity for footage of cats, it now seems very ahead of its time.

Maple Street Voices Feature at Portobello film festival

Photograph: Blanche Anderson

Photograph: Blanche Anderson

Speaking of the talents of voice-overs, we must say a huge congratulations to Maple Street Voice’s Blanche Anderson, who’s had a film chosen to appear at this year’s Portobello Film Festival. Her comedy short, Confidence with Cressida tells the story of an aristocrat attempting to regain her fortune, and it’s showing at Westbank in Notting Hill tonight. Despite the fact this is a BAFTA recognised event, it’s free entry and the evening promises an assortment of funny, moving and thought-provoking films about London life.