A Charity Special


With several podcast projects in the pipeline at Maple Street, it’s clear that charities are beginning to see the value of long form digital content. This is because one of the major obstacles faced by charities these days is society’s floundering relationship with trust – particularly when it comes to strangers. Public Health England gave a presentation last year that quoted only 56% of Millennials have faith in what someone on the street might tell them. When compared to 68% of Generation X and 77% of those gullible Baby Boomers it illustrates a clear trend, and when faced with the ‘World Leaders’ of today who can blame them. But this is where podcasts can come in… If there are two things in 2019 that people need to know about their chosen charity, it’s that does it have a trusted voice and does its work make a difference. With the engagement value they have, a podcast can communicate those two things better than any other medium.

For all podcast enquiries email: allyl@maplestreetcreative.co.uk


Maple Street and Marie Curie

A lot of creatives will often talk about trying to tell stories from the inside out; engaging from the heart of the narrative, rather than as an interested observer. It’s obviously a longer, more challenging process but it invariably provides more impactful copy. When we teamed up with Marie Curie recently, the focus could’ve been on the comprehensive services they provide for those living with a terminal illness, but our writers chose instead to build the campaign around the instant when people need help and support the most.

The creative wasn’t just about capturing the moment of engagement, it was also about demonstrating that a charity as big and as historic as Marie Curie, still fully understand what it takes to live their mission statement for every single person for whom they provide care.

The Voices


Lifting the copy off the page in that ad were Sam Devereaux, Bill Everatt and Janine Cooper Marshall. Janine’s great ability to communicate empathy means she’s often a popular choice for charity campaigns and she also features on the Wye Valley Mighty Hike ad for Macmillan Cancer Support. Despite the fact we live over hundred miles from Monmouth it happens to be the walk my wife has chosen. Judging by those we saw complete the Thames Valley Mighty Hike last weekend, she will no doubt look exhausted and elated in equal measure come the finish line. Places are still available if you’d like to join her, and hopefully you live closer than we do: sign up here

Amazon and Pink News Team Up With 'Just Like Us'


You may have heard of a new initiative to tackle homophobic bullying in schools through a tour of workshops sharing inclusive literature. It’s a joint venture from Amazon, Pink News, and the charity Just Like Us and was fronted up in our studios recently by Will Young. We had a terrific morning, spreading the word through radio interviews and exchanging tips on days out in Berkshire and soft rock albums of the mid-eighties. You can learn more about Just Like Us here.

Until next month; enjoy the sunshine and give generously.