London Podcast Festival: The Top Picks

london podcast festival

Step right up, step right up, have you got your tickets for London’s most must-see podcast event since London’s last most must-see podcast event? Only twelve weeks after Radiodays hosted their European Conference at the elegant and cultural Kings Place, the London Podcast Festival takes place at the cultural and elegant Kings Place.

All jokes aside, it’s a testament to the flourishing popularity of the medium that it can host two events within such a short space of time, and with little advertising other than from the draw of the main attractions, the podcasters themselves. What a wonderful time it is to be working in the audio industry, and how exciting it must be for brands looking in on all the possibilities of sharing their philosophies with such captivated and engaged audiences.

The democratisation of content has provided advertisers with an authentic and accessible pathway to its consumers like never before, and brands are beginning to cotton on to the efficiencies and effectiveness of such potential; not just with branded content, i.e. a podcast where you’re talking about what happens on the floor of your biscuit factory, but also with strategic partnerships with Creatives, i.e. a podcast where you talk about the reality TV that’s being watched by those eating the biscuits from your biscuit factory. It’s a business model that opens-up even more opportunities for original content and communicating with audiences in areas where your brand can transcend its hardcore fanbase.

I daresay the commercial big picture of the future of podcasting will be talked about at this year’s London Festival, and if it isn’t, I’m sure it’ll certainly be discussed at the next most must-see podcast event…presumably around the end of November. Anyway, I digress - here are the top picks.

Our top three picks at the London Podcast Festival