Introducing 'PodcastWorks Classifieds' and More


In the past year, we’ve witnessed a glaring rise in the popularity of podcasts, and as a result we’ve been inundated by brilliant creative people coming to us with their ideas. So, from next month we’ll be running the ‘PodcastWorks Classifieds’; profiling the prospects available to your brands when it comes to reaching out to an attentive, loyal audience of potential replenishers. There are podcasts on children’s literature, the worst job you ever had, the dilemmas of saying the unsayable, and erudite women discussing life while drinking whisky. The opportunities for strategic partnerships within this trusted, long form medium are limitless, so watch this space.

A Maple Street McDonald’s Collab


Maple Street Creative has recently been working to create a series of new ads for McDonald’s. They were great fun to make and what world of difference it makes to a brand when they have a sonic logo to call upon. As recognisable as cola bottle, the signature sound immediately puts the brand on it’s perch, no matter where it’s heard. Check out the future of voice-overs too…