The Team

We're a small, friendly team of creatives. With hundreds of years of collective experience (probably), these are the faces behind the sounds. 


Ally Lang - Head of Maple Street Creative

Ally has worked in radio for over twenty years, and while most of that time has been spent at the BBC, he would like it noted that he was an early convert to podcasts, launching the Non-League Football Paper’s first digital adventure back in 2009. He was also once entrusted with a million pounds from the National Lottery to recruit future broadcasters.

From Hollywood actors to childhood heroes, he’s worked with the biggest names in entertainment, and led national campaigns for live events, but the only thing that’s ever impressed his wife was when Steve Wright waved at him in the street.

Outside of work he coaches an U11 football team, and his likes are wildlife and crisps. He also claims to have invented the concept of real-time cookery programmes.



James McCombe - Producer

James is our creative producer. He’ll be working in the studio, putting together adverts, podcasts, programmes – essentially anything that falls under the audio category.

What else do you need to know about James? Well, he’s from New Zealand (you know, from off of Lord of the Rings). He goes to the GYM BEFORE WORK like an athlete or a murderer. That’s James, if you see him in the street say hi!


Alex Mearns - Creative Writer 

Alex is a lad from Leeds with a lust for life. He walks to work, he wears a suit (?), he blow-dries his hair, he eats around 14 pieces of fruit each day, he once shot a man in cold blood, he’s got the gift of the gab, he’s single and looking to mingle with your creative briefs.

His superpower is penning recruitment advertising campaigns. With all that said and done, he’s getting slightly frustrated with the government for not acknowledging the fact he is single-handedly keeping the UK economy afloat. With the sheer amount of people, he is getting into work…surely some sort of knighthood or OBE has obviously got lost in the post.


Kieran Murphy- Senior Creative Writer

Kieran’s worked in Creative for a number of years now, starting his career at Global, developing advertising solutions for clients across radio brands like Heart, Capital & Classic & even across social media & further digital channels too. He certainly knows his way around an idea & loves getting to show off in front of clients – this includes but is not limited to doing such voices as: Camp Sausage Dog, Sexy Mexican & “Passable at Best” Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others.

In his spare time, Kieran’s a keen comedy writer who’s written & performed on BBC R1’s The Andy Field Experience. Although don’t let this distract you from the fact that in 1998 he threw Mankind off Hell in A Cell and caused him to plummet 16ft through an announcer’s table.


Matt Nielson- Production Coordinator

Matt has been in radio since he was a teenager - hosting and producing shows on community stations before he was legally allowed to buy alcohol (although after years in the industry, he assures us he has “very much exercised” that right since his underage days).

A recent export from sunny Australia to less sunny London, Matt has written, produced, directed and edited both audio and video – sometimes for money, always for love.

He has also got up at 5 am to film a marathon, gone bowling with identical twin professional tennis players, and driven around in a custom-built speaker truck to launch a podcast network. He knows a good recipe for fake vomit and the weirdest brief he’s ever got was for an insurance ad that “makes people cry… think Gandhi, think Malcolm X”.

Now helping out at Maple Street, Matt drinks two cups of tea a day, and tries to make around a hundred jokes in the hope that at least a few of them will land. He misses his pet koala very much but when you love something, you need to let it go.