November, November, it's Almost December

Hello, good morrow and welcome to the end of the year.

November has happened. What a month! Starts with a big fire then it’s just downhill to Christmas.

We’ve reached that upsetting no man’s land in which no-one knows whether it’s still too early for Christmas talk/songs/decorations. It divides the nation – Mums have already put the sprouts in to soak, Dads are furious if anyone so much as mentions the existence of tinsel.

Meanwhile cool guys, in their shades and backward caps, are rolling their eyes at the rest of us getting excited, because they’re just above the whole thing, y’know?

The Trump family have nailed their colours to the mast and got the decs up already. Presumably Melania has gone for something traditional, bright, festive and oh good lord…

Is there a metaphor in this? Almost certainly. Almost certainly. 

Is there a metaphor in this? Almost certainly. Almost certainly. 

That’s an actual picture of the White House Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas! May your days be bleak and your nights filled with terror.  


And now, a short play…

Kathy:   Bill, I think we need to talk about something.

Bill:        Oh?

Kathy:   I can’t ignore it any longer. We need to discuss this.

Bill:        Discuss what?

Kathy:   You don’t think I’ve noticed? The tonnes and tonnes of buns you’ve been buying, the mountains of dung in the living room, the trumpeting in the night? The GIANT bath?

              We need to talk about the elephant in the room. You’ve adopted him, haven’t you?

Bill:        Yes.


Thank you.

This month we made an ad for WWF (not the Wrestlers) about the plight of elephants and how you can help by adopting one. WWF are a fantastic company to work with, and we love getting to share their message as loudly and as widely as possible. Listen here and remember, if you do something nice for an elephant, they never forget it.

Look at his smart little haircut. 

Look at his smart little haircut. 

The RADdest of Awards

It goes in this order, normally. Nobel Prize, Oscars, Baftas, RADS. They’re the top four awards you can win if you’re an important thrusting team with big dreams – and we’ve been nominated for one of them.

Our work with EE has seen us nominated in the RAD awards, celebrating creativity and innovation in the recruitment advertising industry.

Sure, we’ll brush off our tuxedos and dresses, we’ll polish our necks and varnish our ankles, we’ll take the (hopefully) free drinks and we’ll eat the canapes but we will not enjoy it, because we’re not in it for awards. We’re in it because we love recruitment.

Hear one ad from the award nominated campaign, here!

Crystal Ski

Who doesn’t love skiing? Pop two planks of wood on my feet and push me off a mountain? Yes please!

But Crystal Ski are a little more sophisticated than that. We made them a few lovely ads this month, and we’ve also put them…here! Have a little listen and then book a holiday with them, you deserve it.


There are the bits of adulthood we all look forward to. Drinking, staying up late, eventual death. But there is one minor downside. You have to do your own accounts. Not like when you’re a child, and your parents did your accounts for you. Now, you have to make the numbers add up, you have figure out complex tax codes, you have to keep all your receipts on a spike for some reason.

Well, worry no more! Xero makes your accounts easy and fun(ish).

We made a couple of ads for accounting software company Xero, and they sound lovely. They were voiced by the lovely Elis James: Welshman, comedian and Carmarthenshire’s 5th tallest commercial radio DJ.

FACT: Elis James also owns a Dutch Barge he calls 'Smooth Linda'

FACT: Elis James also owns a Dutch Barge he calls 'Smooth Linda'

That’s what he looks like, this is what they sound like.

And speaking of celebrities…


Oh it’s been an exciting month for celebrities. I mean, normally I try to be cool and aloof about the whole thing but then on Tuesday this happened…

Please, Guy, hold me like a newborn.

Please, Guy, hold me like a newborn.

Guy Garvey came to broadcast from our studios for two hours and I am now officially dead. I died the second he came through the door and have remained dead ever since. There was a funeral, I was cremated, my earthly body is now ash and my ghost is writing this. I am dead.

Guy was here with Polydor Records to promote the new Elbow Best Of, and was as lovely as you’d imagine. He is the only guest we’ve ever had who made his own tea because he didn’t want to make a fuss. He is beautiful, he is an angel, and he hath slain me.

Oh yeah and Anton du Beke was here too, that was fine.

100% dapper, 100% of the time

100% dapper, 100% of the time

I’m JOKING, of course, he was a DELIGHT. He lit up the room and danced with our office manager Debra. Footwork was a little lazy and I would’ve liked to see a lift, but not bad. 6 out of 10.

If You Want To Hire Our Studios – You Gotta Get With Our Friends       

Our studio is not just for VIPs like the Queen, Hulk Hogan and former Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez. It’s also for less important people, like you!

We have two lovely studios here, and now an extra voice booth, perfect for self-operated voice sessions and podcasts. If you ever need a studio – whether you’re making an advert, recording an audio version of your own obituary, putting together a showreel, or just need a completely silent place to get a bit of peace and quiet for an hour IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK KAREN? FOR JUST AN HOUR TO MYSELF!…then get in touch!

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Whatever the reason, hand it over and let us make it shine.  Send your tricky briefs through to us at

And that is all for November.

I hope all your Christmas shopping is going well, and you’re not leaving it to the last minute like last year, you silly thing.

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to get me anything.

Seriously, you really don’t have to send me anything, I do this for the joy of it.

I’m usually a medium, started taking a large more recently.

Don’t get me anything.  

We’ll probably be in touch closer to Christmas with a funny, probably blasphemous, piece of Christmas content – but if not, have a wonderful Yule and an excellent new year.

Peace and Christmas love.