The Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport is Dead...

...long live the secretary of state for the department of culture, media and sport!

You might have seen in the news that…stuff…has been…happening.

We could refer to it as a cabinet reshuffle, but I feel Jenga would be a more accurate comparison.


David Davis resigned. Boris Johnson resigned. Jeremy Hunt has become foreign secretary.

And that left a space in health that, sadly, our glorious leader Matt Hancock has been asked to fill.

Matt’s been in charge of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for a short period, but he’s made an impact. He was a minister at the forefront of the digital age – calling for social media regulation and also setting up his own social media app called…Matt Hancock. He even said goodbye to us all with a ‘#ThankYou’ – on brand ‘til the end.

He also got into parkour, bafflingly.

He’ll be missed, of course, but is expected to use his new free-running skills to scale hospital walls and front-flip out of ambulances – exactly what the NHS needs!

But when God closes a door, he opens a window, and clambering (slightly less gracefully) in through that window is our new glorious leader – Jeremy Wright!

What’s Jeremy’s pedigree when it comes to the digital world?

Matt Hancock and his mates

Matt Hancock and his mates

Well, he has a Twitter account that he has posted from five times, the last time being more than three years ago.

What did he have to say back then? Well, strap in…

4th April 2015 – Set up my official Twitter account

6th April 2015 - I have since updated my Twitter Handle to comply with regulations. Please share

Great content, thanks Jeremy.

So, sure, Jeremy’s not great on digital stuff, and yes, his voting record is quite an alarming read if you believe in, I don’t know, human rights, gay rights, welfare and sort of equality in general, but, y’know, that aside…erm…he…err…*scrolls through Wikipedia for ages* lives in the village of Shrewley. So that’s good.

Anyway, welcome Jeremy, for as long as you last. You better get parkour-ing pretty damn quick, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.