Well, we made it, gang – we crashed through January like a rhino through a tuck shop – eyes closed, head down, spearing fizzy cans with our enormous horn. And now you’ve got crisps in your nostrils and ice cream in your eyes. In other words, January is a tough month.

Have you kept up with your resolutions? Who cares. Get off the treadmill, drop that celery stick and instead pour yourself a huge glass of drugs before tucking into this month’s meaty Maple Street newsletter.


Bat Out of Hell


Depending on your point of view, Meatloaf is either a phenomenally talented singer of huge, era defining rock n roll ballads, or a weird kind of ground meat dish Americans eat. For us, it’s very much the former – and we’ve had the huge privilege of producing the ads for the brand new Meatloaf musical – Bat Out of Hell! We’ve not seen the show but I imagine motorbikes will feature heavily – alongside bats and, presumably, hell. Have a wee listen here


Leyland SDM


DIY. Do It Yourself. That’s the selfish motto of Tory Britain, am I right? Yes, I am. Or, for balance, no, I am not. I do not know what I am talking about. But when it comes to DIY, Leyland know exactly what they’re talking about. And what they’re talking about is DIY. And how are they talking about it? In store, over speakers, using audio we created for them. Wow, we got there in the end.

Essentially, we’ve made some in store audio for Leyland – because there’s no kind of audio we can’t do – and you can hear a little sample here. You can also, of course, hear it in store. So please do that too.




Sanjeev Bhaskar and Ruth from Spooks work out why an MP’s body is chopped up in a suitcase. That’s (kind of) the premise for ITV’s second series of Unforgotten (alternative title: Remembered). We’ve made the trailer for the new series - which you can listen to here – along with trailers for Dance Dance Dance and Halcyon. Keep your ears pricked for further ITV trailers courtesy of Maple Street, including Good Karma Hospital and the long-awaited return of Broadchurch.


Brandon Trust

Sometimes, in this job, you actually get to do a good thing. We made an ad for the lovely people at Brandon Trust this month, to help them find the right person to work in their care home. The ad features the words of their employees and their service users – and it sounds lovely. You can hear it here.


Is That Him Off the Telly?

We’re lucky in our office to get the opportunity to hob, and indeed, nob with the great and the good of the glamorous world of celebrity. This month has been no exception.

Our seaworthy friends at Pirate FM brought in actual royalty for their latest campaign. Hugh Bonneville – Earl of Grantham and Paddington’s Dad – came in to voice a series of ads. He was taller than we expected, even more handsome in person, and so nice it was almost silly. 

Then this guy showed up again – seriously, I can’t remember the last time I turned up to work and Frank Skinner wasn’t here. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Frank spent a day in our studios being funny courtesy of our good friends at Good Broadcast.

And in breaking news – Dominic Byrne from off of the news came in. He was voicing an ad for the big dogs over at Xero – which you can hear, here.

And that, I’m sad to say, is that. A new year has started. Let’s make it a better one than last year – and let’s face it, the bar for doing that is set remarkably, unfeasibly low. Like, it’s not even just on the ground. A team of people armed with industrial drilling machinery have dug a hole and lowered the bar into it.

Here’s to an absolutely average 2017. What a remarkable achievement that would be.