Maple Street News - It’s May-Ple Street!

Summer is here and we already don’t want it. People are taking their tops off in parks, wasps are back to ruin everyone’s good vibes, and we’re sweaty.

We’re all sweaty. I don’t remember what it was like to be dry.

Fortunately, it’ll only last about a week. HAHA. British humour, eh? We bloody love talking about the weather.

One deadly serious point before we go on, however – no man looks good in shorts. It needs saying, as a public service. There is not a man in the world who can get away with shorts in a non-sporting capacity. And I say this not as a critic, but as a man who cannot get away with shorts. For all our sakes, men, please, stick to trousers. Go for light trousers if you must. If you’re about to question whether that includes ¾ lengths then, no, obviously, they are the worst of them all. The key message here, lads, is that, as recompense for all the privilege being male affords you, you must now have sweaty legs for the next few months. I’m sorry. Please deal with this quietly.

Here is what we’ve been up to. 


D&AD Awards

THE BEST ADVERTS IN THE WORLD is how they are billed – and they’ve just been announced. Sadly, our work isn’t on the list, but that may be partly down to the fact that we didn’t enter (can’t lose if you don’t try – smart) – but the people who did win are well worth listening to. Here is a link,so relax, maybe have a bath, light some candles, chuck in some bubbles - and treat yourself to the very best of radio advertising. What an afternoon.




I can be mature about this.


We’re doing adverts for bras. Fine. That’s absolutely fine. Honestly, I think of this client like I would any client. It’s actually kind of boring to me, now, thinking about it. It’s on a level with, I dunno, MOTs. It’s just bras, guys, get over it. Can we all be grown-ups now please?

We’re doing adverts for bras. The ads are great, as are the bras. Listen here.




Good news, stats fans! Last week the latest RAJAR came out.

Like any normal person, you’ll probably have pored over it in the kind of detail you normally reserve for this newsletter, but for anyone who hasn’t yet, here are the extremely edited down highlights…


CAPITAL ARE BACK TO NUMBER ONE – in London, at least.

DIGITAL RADIO’S LISTENING SHARE REACHES 47.2% - which is significant, because it’s close to the 50% mark, and the 50% mark is the point at which the government will start to consider switching off FM and essentially banning old people from listening to the radio.

COMMERCIAL RADIO BACK IN FRONT OF BBC – with 34.5 million listening hours a week. Take THAT, public ownership!


Barnet and Southgate College


Are you a trendy cool young teen who recently completed their GCSEs? If so, this e-mail newsletter almost certainly shouldn’t have reached you. We’re sorry, we’ve made an error. However, while you’re here, listen to this ad we made for Barnet and Southgate College helping #teens work out what to do with their lives. It’s one of two, and we think they both sound great!


In the meantime, what are you doing with your June? Voting in the election, most likely. We’ve all gotta vote these days. It’s not the past anymore, where some of us weren’t allowed. No. Now we all can, so we all must. See you in a school hall on June the 8th. LET’S TURN THIS COUNTRY ROUND!