Maple Street? More Like M-APRIL Street

Oh bloody hell.

Elections are like buses, aren’t they? You know, you wait years for one and then three run you over in quick succession, leaving you with life-altering injuries from which you’ll never truly recover.

So there’s another one, now, and surely no-one is more annoyed than David Dimbleby. The only reason elections are held five years apart is to allow the Double-D to catch up on his sleep. He’s having to make a very early start to his rigorous pre-election routine of daily coffee enemas.

But let’s forget about the election for a second, and look overseas. What’s been going on in the rest of the world? More elections, obviously. In France? Elections. Turkey? Elections. Everyone is constantly trying to elect people these days. Everybody is voting for things. Everybody wants a say. Well not on my watch! This newsletter is, always has been, and will forever remain, a benevolent dictatorship.

Now read what I’ve written and like it.


The British Podcast Awards


It’s glad rags time, gang – we’ve been nominated for an award! Well, two awards, in fact! As you will surely know by now, our sister company Fresh Air Productions are podcast experts, with cutting edge podcast ideas constantly plopping out of their nether areas. And now, their excellent National Trust podcast has been nominated for ‘Best Branded Content’ and ‘Smartest Podcast’ at the BPA’s. We’ve picked our walk on music, we’ve had a flag designed, the speech currently stands at 3,000 words. It should be quite a night.





Election and the Deregulation of Commercial Radio

In which our intrepid hero continues his tireless quest to bring you the MOST boring news possible.

Because elections are about more than Brexit, nuclear weapons, global warming and Brexit – it’s also about the deregulation of commercial radio. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has pledged earlier this year that ‘radio will no longer be shackled to an outdated regulatory system’, which is great, because these shackles really rub at your wrists. Apparently the election shouldn’t delay the great un-shackling, so if you like your radio de-regulated, you’re in luck. Right, that’s that dealt with. Thank you for your time.




WorldPay might not be a company you’ve heard of – but that’s about to change. Chances are they’ve been part of your life for a while anyway, without you even knowing…

It’s actually not as sinister as it sounds – they’re a company that provides payment systems, so like those little card readers and online transfers and stuff. They’re not just any payment provider, mind you – but the UK’s leading payment provider. And we’ve just produced their first ever radio campaign! Have a wee listen here.


H & S Gone M

Innovation. Disruption. Industry 4.0. These are all words I don’t get to use in my work. But they are all found in our new, industry focussed podcast for Heidrick and Struggles. Listen to important people talk about the future of business - what it will look like, how it will smell, that sort of thing.


Chris Ramsey’s Got a New TV Show

…and we made the advert for it. It features people from Newcastle being from Newcastle, and I, for one, am 100% behind it. Have a listen.


Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?

We all got a little over-excited, earlier this month. Honestly, I Can’t Explain it as we’re used to famous faces, but to My Generation this particular guest is a genuine (Pinball) Wizard. A few people didn’t recognise him when he came in, and had to ask Who Are You, but once they’d worked it out they said they Won’t Get Fooled Again

Yes, this month we had John Bishop in our studios! He was joining Jason Manford to record Jason’s Absolute Radio show.

Also Roger Daltrey was there.

(Some have questioned whether that lengthy set up of creaky puns was worth it for the punchline. I say yes.)


Little Boy Blue

This month we made the audio for ITV drama Little Boy Blue – about the murder of 11-year old Everton fan Rhys Jones ten years ago. It’s a difficult watch, but an important one – and you can hear our audio here.


And that’s your lot for this month. A month of change, a month of turmoil. But, on the bright side, two bank holidays next month, so…

Keep safe, keep strong. Eat shredded wheat. Remember that you can burn in the UK, so be sure to use sun cream on hot days. Don’t worry too much. Watch out for vandals. Eat your five a day, don’t talk to strangers. And, most importantly of all, remember that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so don’t even try, OK?