Have our studios STOLLEN your heart?


So - been quite a month, hasn’t it?

Who saw that one coming? Donald Trump has put the NO into November, grabbed America firmly by the p***y and is going to power us all face first and screaming into the boiling centre of the planet where, quite frankly, we now belong.

But Ed Balls has been a laugh on Strictly, eh?

ANYWAY – it’s nearly Christmas! Time to stock up on bin bags to put all your torn wrapping paper in – time for a moderate to serious breakdown in a card shop – time to pretend you don’t like sprouts, even though you do really, we all do, sprouts are god damn great and you god damn know it!

Welcome to the Maple Street Christmas Newsletter – ho-ho-hold on to your hats…



We love clients big and small. From one man and his dog selling a lawnmower from his front garden, to the big names – like Samsung! We’ve produced Samsung’s latest bit of radio creative – and you can listen to it, on your Samsung phone, hopefully.


Sausage FM


You love sausages, of course. Goes without saying. But I bet you don’t love sausages so much you’d set up a radio station, hire a former member of JLS and broadcast the noise of a frying pan for a week, do you?

To celebrate National Sausage Week (basically the English equivalent of Martin Luther King Day), Good Broadcast did exactly that – and we were dead excited to help out. Along with producing all the jingles and imaging, Maple Street hosted former JLS boy JB Gill as he led a week’s worth of sausage based broadcasting. It even featured on Have I Got News for You! One of the most bizarre – and most enjoyable – jobs we’ve ever done. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for National Human Rights Week!



Taking the Pulse

When the political landscape is so topsy-turvy, so extreme, so treacherous, what you need is someone sensible and level-headed to guide you through. Unfortunately, all we’ve got is Ian Stone. The comedy stalwart is helming a brand new weekly podcast called Taking the Pulse, produced by Maple Street Studios. Each week he is joined by comedian Geoff Norcott and former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika to pick the funny bones out of another political carcass – it’s really funny, listen here.


Our Famous Mates


It has been raining celebrities here at Maple Street this month. They are literally falling from the sky. We have to get in early to sweep all the celebs off the front step. It’s getting ridiculous. Here’s just a few of the ones who have graced our studios of late.


Good Broadcast delivered us James Buckley of Inbetweeners fame and Jodie Kidd of cars, modelling and Strictly fame – they were here (separately) to discuss gaming and cars (respectively).

Comedy superhero Sarah Millican came in to talk about her new DVD, just in time for Christmas (savvy).

And then Brian Blessed was here again. We cannot keep that man away (and we wouldn’t want to).  Here he is with our Senior Creative Nicki!



So there we go. The end of this month’s newsletter. If you’ve made it this far, well done you. As a special treat, here’s the blooper reel – some of the things I got wrong whilst writing this. Worth sticking around for.

I accidentally spelt ‘house’ with two S’s – so it said ‘housse’, which might’ve been funny if someone had tried to read it aloud.

I didn’t hit space after a comma on one of the lines, which is incorrect formatting. What am I like?

Left the UNDERLINE button on when I wrote ‘You love sausages’ which made it look like a title. Would’ve been a weird and aggressive title, wouldn’t it?

We have a wacky old time here, we really do. Even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Ahh…happy memories…