Beware the ads of March

‘The trees are coming into leaf,

Like something almost being said,

The recent buds relax and spread,

Their greenness is a kind of grief.’


Trust Philip Larkin to make spring depressing. It’s just the pollen, Phil. It makes your eyes water. Have a Piriton and get on with it.

This is, of course, the first newsletter since the triggering of Article 50 and Britain’s entry into an unknown world. What will the future look like? What colour, what tenor, what hue? What shape will our bananas be? Can we still get brie? What do we do with Nigel Farage now?

This is an unsteady, unsure world. All I can offer you, dear reader, is the comfort of knowing this newsletter will continue, as will the stellar work of the Maple Street Creative team and the general depression of early spring. Have a Piriton and get on with it. Here’s what we’ve been doing with our March…



Parliament Explained: The Podcast

What really goes on in the Houses of Parliament? We all know the obvious answer (it’s where they make brown sauce), but believe it or not, there’s more to the place than condiments.

Our brand new Parliament Explained podcast will take you by the hand and walk you down the corridors of power – basically explaining, step by step, how the laws that govern our country are made. It’s a hugely important project, particularly at a time like this, and we’re very proud to have worked on it. You can download it here.




Horse Racing Returns to ITV


A horse walks into a bar.

‘Why the long face?’ the barman asks.

The horse, startled by the sudden noise, rears up onto its hind legs, knocks over two tables and breaks the landlady’s arm.

And that’s why horses aren’t allowed in pubs. They are allowed on ITV though – as it’s the new home of horse racing! We’ve made the radio promotions, as part of our ongoing relationship with ITV, and you can hear them right here.


Phillip Hammond and the Budget

HOLD ON! NO! DON’T STOP READING, PLEASE, BEAR WITH ME! This won’t be as boring as you think.

Basically, recently, the budget happened. And halfway through, Phillip Hammond started talking about terms and conditions in advertising. It felt like he’d just gone a bit sideways, but in fact, part of the budget is a proposal to tackle lengthy Terms and Conditions in adverts, as listeners tend not to remember them and they put advertisers off.

Apparently the radio industry loses £120 million a year due to long terms and conditions (which seems too high, surely?) But nope, apparently, it’s true, and Phillip Hammond is single-handedly going to turn this ship around! Terrible news for Ts and Cs fans, great news for the rest of us!




There’s nothing we love more than a new client and there’s nothing we hate more than dirty laundry. So writing and producing the new radio commercials for Laundrapp has been an absolute dream! Listen to the squeaky clean new creative right here.




Britain’s Next Top Model

We all know who Britain’s current top model is, of course. No need for me to give you that information. But we’re getting tired of her – the real question is who is going to be next? Well, we can narrow it down to these eleven women, but beyond that it’s anyone’s guess.

If you want to find out, why not watch the show? And if you’re going to watch the show, why not listen to the excellent commercial we made to promote it?


All Around Me are Familiar Faces…

This month has sadly seen the return of our cursed celebrity infestation. We lay traps, we put out poison but each month celebrities get in through the pipes and start recording in our studio.


Here are some of the disgusting vermin we’ve had to deal with this month.

Shaun Keaveney was in to record a podcast for Pan Macmillan, where he chats to some of the world’s leading experts in economics, biology, physics and more.

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan was in courtesy of the Central Media Group. He’s a tall man, that Michael Vaughan. An unexpectedly tall man.


EA Games

Can you lead a team of military trained explorers through new hostile galaxies, where danger awaits around every corner?

That’s the question posed in our new advert for EA Games’ Mass Effect Andromeda! I know my answer – no I absolutely cannot.


And that’s the end of this crazy ride. Shall we do it all again next month?

Well, I’m contractually obliged to, so…yes! Let’s!

Until then, have a Piriton and get on with it.