Absolutely Feb-ulous from Maple Street Creative


It doesn’t feel like it’s been a month since last I wrote. Have you been keeping well? Do you get my letters? Why do you never reply? Am I simply shouting into the void?

It’s been a tumultuous month, ol’ February. The shortest month, let’s not forget, but still one that packs a few punches. Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day…but it’s once February’s over that things really get exciting, because…it’s ASH WEDNESDAY!

It’s only a week ‘til Ash Wednesday, guys! Comes round faster every year, doesn’t it? Who can forget that feeling of an Ash Wednesday morning? Charging downstairs to see if the Ash Man has been – then rushing into the street and playing in the freshly fallen ash! Ah, Ash Wednesday…the worst of all the holidays.

Right, now you’ve read that load of nonsense – why not stay on and find out what Maple Street have been up to this month…


RadioPlayer Car


Picture this. It’s you. In your car. Top down, wind in your hair, long red scarf billowing out behind you – your favourite adverts blasting out of the radio. And then, all of a sudden…it cuts out. You’ve lost signal. You’re so disappointed you swerve off a bridge and plunge to your death.

Well now, at long last – this scenario can be avoided thanks to RadioPlayerCar. It’s the new technology that, once fitted to your car, tracks the best signal from FM, DAB and online and makes sure you get the best possible reception wherever you go. We worked with the brilliant team at RadioCentre to make the commercials for it. You can hear them across hundreds of stations all over the country – or, right here, by clicking this link. We’re dead proud.




E-Receptionist is the technology every business needs – it answers and directs your calls while you’re away from the office – so you never miss out on business. How do we know all this? Magic. And also the ads we made for them. Hear them here – or across the country, on your radio. 





Mystery Celebrity

We’ve had a person visiting this month, someone you’ll definitely know…but we’re not allowed to tell you who that is, or what they’re doing. It’s exciting, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. We’re working with them to do something – and that is honestly the most transparent I can be. But below are four celebrities…could it be one of them?

Hint: it is none of these people.



Bloom and Wild


Did any of you forget Valentine’s Day? Despite the fact that it’s on the same exact day every year. Despite the fact that it’s the only thing anyone talks about for a solid fortnight beforehand. Despite that – I bet someone, somewhere, still forgot.

Fortunately, we at Maple Street did not – and our Valentine was the lovely Bloom and Wild, purveyors of beautiful flowers, delivered the next day for especially forgetful lovers. We made them an advert – they gave us some flowers (and money). But they genuinely sent us flowers. Isn’t that lovely?




Our work with ITV is some of the stuff we’re most proud of. This year we’ve already produced radio campaigns for programmes such as The Unforgotten and Good Karma Hospital  – and next up is the return of bum-clenching mystery series Broadchurch.

Dr Who and Sophie from Peep Show team up once again to fight crime on dramatic clifftops. Keep your ears pricked for our Broadchurch trails on your airwaves soon – along with promos for other great shows, including Dawn French’s Little Big Shots, Prime Suspect: 1973 and Dance Dance Dance!



And that, dear friends, is the end. Short month, short newsletter, I guess. Have a great last five days of February. Spend them wisely. Drink only the best wine, eat only the finest cheeses, sleep on a bed made of goose down and yoghurt. Frolic, if you get the chance. Recycle. Do a press up.

But most importantly, be kind to each other and to yourself. And to me, your lowly Newsletter writer.

Good bye.