Boo! That's's SHOCKtober!

Now we’re talking!


October - one fine mother-humpin’ month. The sky is grey, the leaves are finally dead (those bastards) and everyone, everywhere, is scared. Terrified. Because October is not only the tenth month of the year – it’s also every ghost’s birthday!

And I’m afraid, as is tradition, the Maple Street Creative October Newsletter will offer no refuge – it is, once again, very haunted. Keep your eyes peeled.

You should already have your Hallowe’en costume sorted, of course, BUT if you are at a loss, here are a couple of ideas that you can do at low cost and with minimal materials, to wow the pants off any party –

  • Fat Skeleton – Go naked, but paint your body white.
  • The Concept of Death – tell everyone you’ll be there, but don’t tell them when. Arrive unexpectedly at some point, immediately switch off all the lights and make everyone leave.
  • Business Ghost – Cut two holes in a white sheet and pop it over your head, wear a tie over the top. Boom. Business Ghost.
  • The Invisible Man – Don’t go, say you did. 


PROMAX Awards – Abomo-Nomination

So, yes, no need to boast, but we, along with our sister company Fresh Air, have been nominated for a PROMAX Award, and obviously we’re very proud, yes yes, thank you thank you. But more importantly…would it be appropriate to go to the awards dressed as a Business Ghost? Obviously going as a normal ghost to a formal, black tie event would be incredibly disrespectful…but going as a business ghost…in a dickie bow…that’s fine, right?

We’re very proud of this nomination, the PROMAX Awards are a big deal and we’ll be rubbing shoulders with some very exciting people. Our nomination is for our work on the ITV Promo for The Level,


Haunted Section

Uh oh.


Yes, I’m afraid you guessed it. This section is entirely haunted. By this particularly frightening pumpkin.




The Second Annual Maple Street Comedy (FRIGHT) Night…

…is over. Sorry. You have now missed it. But it was great!

John Robins finally got to the bottom of the tricky issue of Internal Comms, Heidi Regan revealed her boxset based system for re-educating Hitler, and Tom Ward played us the sexiest noise Prince ever made. And there were lots of other bits, it wasn’t just that.

It was a great laugh, so, what d’you reckon – same time next year? 



MQ Mental Health


MQ Mental Health are a little team of legends trying to change the way mental health is treated and understood in this country. Through scientific research, they’re making big old strides and it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

We made their radio ads, and we like them a lot. Have a wee listen here.



Second Haunted Section

This section is brought to you by Ghosts!

Whether you’re looking to decrease the price of a property you’re interested in, spice up a spooky party, or you simply live alone and could do with the company – ghosts are the answer to all your problems!

Rent a ghost, today!

(Look, we’ve got to fund this Newsletter somehow. It was only a matter of time before we sold advertising space to the undead, you know that.) 





24 Hours to Catch a Killer with Trevor McDonald

It sounds like a dream you had, sure – but it’s not. It’s a breath taking new ITV documentary with unparalleled access to the Police in the immediate aftermath of a murder.

We produced the promo for the show, which you can hear here – and it was voiced by Big Trev himself! Cue a surprising amount of swooning around the office.



They Come at Night       

They roam our hallways. They creep in beneath our floorboards. On certain nights, in certain lights, you can hear them, calling out, even now, dying to be heard…

Who are they?


We get famous people in here – both living and (possibly) dead. Want to follow in their ghostly wake? Then you, like them, could use our studios! From adverts, to podcasts to, who knows, your own (posthumous) ground-breaking rap album – record in top class facilities with top class producers and a fully working fridge.


And that is all for October…


...Sorry, Another Haunted Section

Ah. Sorry, I really am. I thought that was the end. But this is another haunted section – and possibly the scariest of them all.

Yes, that’s right.

Bone People.

I’m sorry to scare you.

Enjoy your Hallowe’en, stay safe, and remember, only call your local Ghostbusters in the event of a ghost busting emergency. Hallowe’en is their busiest night of the year. For non-urgent issues, call Scarestoppers or visit your local Ghostbusting Station.

Stay spooky, gang!